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Aufgrund des behördlich verfügten Verbots müssen die Konzerte von Peach Pit in Köln, Hamburg und Berlin leider abgesagt werden.

Die Band richtet sich mit folgender Nachricht an ihre Fans:


“Hey hi everybody! Got some good news and some bad news for ya, the bad news is that we’ve had to cancel all our 2021 tour dates. The good news is new tunes! We are working on LP #3 right now, we’re fired up over it and working towards release later this year 🤞🤞 We wish the playing for y’all was a possibility, but when it happens, bud...it’s gonna friggin HAPPEN :) We appreciate your support and look forward to that day. In the meantime, wear a mask, stay safe, and keep checking back here for updates, we love and appreciate all of y’all 😘😘”

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